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While Kentuckians will be funding Mitch McConnell’s general election challenger, AMERICANS from ACROSS THE NATION who are ALL AFFECTED by what MITCH MCCONNELL DOES and DOESN’T DO IN THE U.S. SENATE will finally be able to TAKE ACTION themselves to DEFEAT MITCH ONCE AND FOR ALL! EVERY AMERICAN SHOULD BE CONCERNED ABOUT WHO KENTUCKY VOTERS VOTE FOR REGARDING KENTUCKY’S 2020 SENATE ELECTION! Become well-informed about Mitch McConnell!

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In the last election, MITCH RAN OVER 12,000 MAINLY NEGATIVE, SMEAR ADVERTISEMENTS against his challenger. He got $14M from two PACS for ADS alone! He does this EVERY ELECTION and makes his challengers appear so bad that MITCH remains the reluctant choice and it is the way HE ALWAYS WINS! He even BRAGS about it! Mitch has access to LIMITLESS funds, explained throughout the site, and has OUTSPENT HIS CHALLENGERS by $10M EACH in his past two elections.


This is the face of the deliberate Abuse of Power! Pic of Mitch McConnell

In the middle of November, Senate Republicans confirmed a white nationalist, Steven Menashi, to the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Not only is Menashi a bigoted ideologue who is a threat to our civil liberties, but he lacks any court experience. Sen. Dick Durbin put it succinctly:

“He has never tried a case. He has never argued an appeal, nor has he made any oral arguments in court. He has never conducted a deposition. He has zero experience handling criminal cases. He could not even name a single time when he observed a criminal trial.”

The Daily Kos community generated 23,352 calls and sent 144,132 letters to their senators demanding a “NO” vote on Menashi’s confirmation. It is clear that Senate Republicans don’t care about their constituents’ outrage.

Protestors holding a sign "Mitch Look Us In The Eyes" outside his Capitol office

IMAGINE MITCH MCCONNELL seeing HIMSELF on TV saying all these things, cut to a different scene of MITCH saying the opposite thing in different years, and then cut to a different decade and yet another scene of MITCH saying something entirely different!

MOST OF MITCH MCCONNELL’S MONEY comes from Wall Street! Blackstone Group, Eli Lily, UPS, GEO Group (taxpayer-funded, for-profit private prison corporation), Lobbyists, Countless PACS, BigPharma, BigOil, BigCoal, and the big list goes on and on. McConnell helped lead the charge to slash taxes on corporations, saving big banks billions which is why he is so beloved by Wall Street and big corporations. He also led the effort to roll back parts of the Dodd-Frank law, which was enacted after the 2008 financial crisis.  Just 9 percent of his donations come from individual donors back from his “Old Kentucky Home”! Become informed about Mitch McConnell!

Then an issue ad on GUN REFORM. Have the commercial start with a close-up of a single blast of an AR-15 assault weapon’s twisting, high-velocity bullet tearing through human-like tissue test substance and then continue the AR-15 gun blasting throughout the whole commercial burning each gunshot into the viewer’s brain. Cut to MITCH MCCONNELL speaking in the Senate every time that gun legislation comes up, all the excuses and delays, have a scene dumping 1,300,000 bullets representing each dollar the NRA has given Mitch and a close-up of Mitch’s face stamped with a TV-screen giant-sized red “NRA Grade A+” dripping like blood, cut to footage of 1994 with Senate Majority Leader, George Mitchell, signing Clinton’s, Public Safety and Recreational Firearms Use Protection Act, which placed restrictions on the number of military features a gun could have and banning large-capacity magazines for consumer use.  Cut to a flurry of news footage scenes of the many mass shootings since the bill expired and end it with scenes of elementary school children scrambling doing gun shooter drills. How many shots can the shooter get off in a 30-second commercial? Hopefully, you’ll still hear the gun blasts when you lay your head down to go to sleep every night. Have brilliantly written commentary with possibly James Earl Jones doing the voice over. It’s up to KENTUCKY VOTERS to get the NRA’s most loyal obstructionist MITCH MCCONNELL out of the Senate so gun reform legislation desired by MOST AMERICANS but BLOCKED by ONE PERSON, SEN. MITCH MCCONNELL will finally be passed! It’s UP TO YOU to get the advertisements on the air to EDUCATE KENTUCKY VOTERS ON WHAT EXACTLY MITCH MCCONNELL HAS AND HASN’T DONE IN 35 YEARS! THEY’VE NEVER EVER BEEN CONSISTENTLY EXPOSED TO MITCH’S FACTS BEFORE!

Then another ad on MOSCOW MITCH ignoring the U.S.’s 17 National Security agencies, as well as, his own Senate Intelligence Committee that ALL determined Russia attacked us during the 2016 election at the Kremlin’s request for Trump’s success and is STILL continuing to attack us now! MOSCOW MITCH IS BLOCKING ALL ELECTION SECURITY even bipartisan legislation! Don’t be fooled by MOSCOW MITCH’S election year “Dog and Pony Show” in September 2019 of okaying some monies (not even the full amount requested, of course) to the states that will simply allow some to upgrade their versions of Windows operating systems. It did NOTHING to help ELECTION SECURITY — no passing of bills to strengthen election audits, adopt paper ballots, toughen disclosure on social media and require campaigns to report contact with foreign officials trying to interfere. Real election security cannot wait! Display Mitch’s Senate office phone number prominently on the ad urging viewers to call to demand MOSCOW MITCH pass election security legislation before it’s too late!

Picture of Moscow Mitch. Become informed about Mitch! You Just Cant Trust Him Super PAC!

AND, then there are the ads against MITCH MCCONNELL’S corrupt acts, like, One Nation, his NONPROFIT with no employees that does no work and doesn’t have to be reported to the Federal Election Commission (FEC). Since these donors can’t write these “nonprofit” donations off their taxes, MITCH MCCONNELL led in changing the rules in 2017 that the donors and their donations don’t even have to be disclosed to the IRS. The last year we have any accounting in 2016, One Nation, took in $73M! Now without having to disclose donors who knows where the money is coming from or who is buying the influence of the Senate Majority Leader and for what interests? THE KENTUCKY VOTERS NEED TO BE EDUCATED ABOUT THIS! Become informed about Mitch McConnell!

Let MITCH see all of these ads playing EVERY time he watches his beloved Louisville Cardinals basketball team play, watching the Louisville local news, his favorite shows, listening to conservative talk radio, and full-page ads in his Sunday Louisville Courier-Journal and other state newspapers. MITCH MCCONNELL’S FACTS EVERYWHERE he turns! He won’t be able to escape what he’s done and ALL the KENTUCKY VOTERS ACROSS THE BLUEGRASS will for ONCE have ALL THE FACTS in an election!

If you’re a Kentuckian under 52, you’ve never voted in a McConnell election that hasn’t been corrupted by millions of dollars of Mitch’s deceitful, smear ads against his challengers. You’ve never had the opportunity to see Mitch’s real facts and make an informed choice!

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“Dark money” nonprofits Kentucky Opportunity Coalition and the Kentuckians for Strong Leadership super PAC combined to boost McConnell with $14 million in ads in his last reelection. MITCH RAN OVER 12,000 mainly negative, smear ads against his challenger!

Roll of Hundred Dollar Bills. You Just Cant Trust Him Super PAC. Mitch McConnell Become informed about Mitch McConnell!

Mitch McConnell allies gird to defend Senate majority amid impeachment uncertainty

by David M. Drucker | October 15, 2019

Political groups aligned with Sen. Mitch McConnell are amassing a $190 million war chest as the Senate majority leader and allies warn Republican donors, amid an impeachment inquiry into President Trump, that a GOP Senate is the only reliable defense against Democrats sweeping in 2020.

Senate Leadership Fund and One Nation have emerged as the primary source of outside air cover for Senate Republicans. The super PAC and its affiliated nonprofit are central to McConnell’s strategy to protect his three-seat majority against the specter of impeachment and insulate vulnerable Republicans from Democratic challenges. And, in conversations with GOP contributors about the two groups, McConnell and his boosters are pitching the Senate as the party’s insurance policy for a Trump defeat.

“Our investors understand the Senate is the ultimate firewall against socialism, and we are gearing up for a massive fight next year. The Supreme Court, Green New Deal, Medicare for None — it’s all going to be on the line,” McConnell confidant Steven Law, who runs Senate Leadership Fund, said in a statement provided to the Washington Examiner.

Publicly, many Senate Republicans are ridiculing the impeachment inquiry, initiated this month by Democrats in the House of Representatives. But privately, they recognize the political uncertainty of the investigation, and worry it could imperil Trump’s reelection and expose their majority. The caution is warranted. In the past month, support for Trump’s impeachment has increased 4.3 percentage points among Republicans, 15.2 points among independents and 13.7 points among Democrats.

To compensate against further deterioration, Senate Leadership Fund and One Nation have budgeted approximately $190 million to protect McConnell’s most endangered incumbents: Sen. Susan Collins of Maine; Sen. Cory Gardner of Colorado; appointed Sen. Martha McSally of Arizona; Sen. Thom Tillis of North Carolina — and Sens. Joni Ernst of Iowa and David Perdue of Georgia if they need the help. McConnell is up for reelection in Kentucky but does not appear immediately threatened.

McConnell and his allied groups also are keeping an eye on an open seat in Kansas and an expected special election in Georgia to replace Republican Sen. Johnny Isakson, who is resigning in December. At this early stage, they appear most anxious about Gardner, who is running in a state that is basically blue in presidential elections. The first-term senator could receive more resources from McConnell’s allied groups than any other individual GOP senator.

“Cory Gardner is the Claire McCaskill if the cycle: he’ll do everything right, have the money and still lose,” said Dan Eberhart, a Republican donor who has contributed to Trump and the party’s Senate effort. McCaskill, a Democrat, lost reelection in Missouri last year largely because the former swing state is now red.

Unlike Senate Democrats, who enjoy support from a constellation of liberal interest groups, the Republicans’ only reliable partners other than the National Republican Senatorial Committee, the party’s Senate campaign arm, are Senate Leadership Fund and One Nation. That has concerned some Republican insiders, who fret about the party’s ability to keep vulnerable GOP senators afloat as they absorb early rounds of attack advertising from Democratic groups.

However, if Trump is in trouble down the stretch next year, after the Democrats crown a presidential nominee, Republican insiders expect money to pour into the McConnell-aligned groups in a bid to ensure that at least one sector of government power in D.C. stays in GOP hands.

“SLF might be only group we talk about,” a Republican lobbyist said. “But if Trump looks in trouble and can’t win a second term, there will be more money than god that pours into Senate races.”

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Rachel Maddow did a masterful job on MSNBC of explaining how Mitch McConnell helped lift U.S. sanctions on a Russian oligarch and his aluminum company; how that company then turned around and invested hundreds of millions of dollars in McConnell’s home state; and how Mitch then repaid the lobbyist who made it all possible.

We don’t know that we could explain it any better than Rachel did, so instead, we wanted to make sure you saw what she had to say on her show:

Here’s a story. Or here’s at least a series of events that may or may not be connected, but I’m trying to wrap my head around them. Starts a little over a year ago: The U.S. government put sanctions on a Kremlin-connected Russian oligarch, a close ally of Russian president Vladmir Putin, guy by the name of Oleg Deripaska. He used to do a bunch of work with Paul Manafort – you ever heard of him?

Anyway, the new sanctions on Oleg Deripaska were punishment from the U.S. government, in part, for Russia’s attack on our 2016 election. Those sanctions on him also included sanctions on Deripaska’s giant aluminum company, which is called Rusal. Well, after the sanctions were put on Deripaska, there followed a robust and very expensive campaign by lobbyists for Deripaska.

Deripaska got what he paid for in that lobbying campaign. The Treasury Department soon announced that actually – second thoughts – they were going to lift the sanctions on Deripaska’s company. They were going to lift the sanctions on Rusal.

And then something kind of remarkable happened. A big, bipartisan majority in the House of Representatives said, ‘Actually, no. The U.S. government should not lift those sanctions. Are you kidding? Oleg Deripaska was sanctioned for a reason. For a good reason. Why is the Trump Treasury Department lifting those sanctions?’

It wasn’t just Democrats in the House. It was 70% of Republicans in the House who voted with Democrats to block the Trump administration from getting rid of those sanctions on Deripaska’s aluminum company. So, big, bipartisan vote in the House to tell the Trump administration, ‘No, don’t lift those sanctions. Those sanctions should stay.’

Then it goes over to the Senate – Senate turns out to be a different story. There were a whole bunch of Republican senators who wanted to join the House in making sure those sanctions stayed on Deripaska’s company. But the Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell made sure that that measure met a swift death on his side of the capitol. And so, the Trump administration was allowed to, in fact, lift those sanctions on Oleg Deripaska’s aluminum company earlier this year… Ka-Ching!

And since then, there have been a couple of notable developments involving Mitch McConnell.

First, Oleg Deripaska’s company announced that they have made a ‘surprise decision’ to spend $200 million dollars opening a new plant in Mitch McConnell’s home state of Kentucky. It’ll come with a bow on it. It’s a project they say will bring ‘billions of dollars and thousands of jobs’ to Mitch McConnell’s state.

Secondly, just before that deal, that present to Mitch McConnell, was publicly announced, one of Rusal’s lobbyists was dispatched to give Mitch McConnell ‘a heads up’ about this big present he was getting from Oleg. This ‘heads up’ that they’d be building a brand-spanking-new plant in his state after all the good work Mitch McConnell did to make sure that Rusal would have its sanctions lifted.

The lobbyist who delivered that good news to Mitch McConnell, the guy who personally made the call, is a man named David Vitter. You may recognize him. He used to be a Republican senator from Louisiana – kind of famous for a sex scandal that never really resolved cleanly…

What we’ve since learned is that within five weeks of David Vitter calling Mitch McConnell to tell him that Rusal was going to put this plant in Kentucky, Rusal was going to dump hundreds of millions of dollars into Mitch McConnell’s home state. Within five weeks of that call, the nomination of David Vitter’s wife to be a federal judge, a nomination that had been languishing for a year and a half because she was so humiliatingly and embarrassingly and obviously unqualified for the job. Whose confirmation hearing went so badly, it went viral and got her nomination buried.

Turns out, within five weeks of Mitch McConnell getting that call from David Vitter saying, ‘Hey, I got an aluminum plant we’re going to put in your home state. Thanks from Oleg!’ Within five weeks of that call, Wendy Vitter’s nomination got pulled off the trash heap by Mitch McConnell, and Mitch McConnell expedited it, put it on the top of the list, and now she is a federal judge – for life.

Must be nice…

McConnell’s office says lifting the sanctions, of course, had ‘nothing’ to do with the investment in Kentucky by the firm that he lifted the sanctions on. But as for the lobbyist’s wife who is now a federal judge, no response from McConnell. I will tell you, we are not the only ones asking questions about this sequence of events…

This sort of quid pro quo from Mitch McConnell shouldn’t be surprising, though. Mitch McConnell doesn’t care about our country or everyday working people. This is the man who said his singular mission was to make President Obama a one-term president. Who says we need to cut Social Security and Medicare because of the national debt when he’s in the minority party, and then explodes the deficit to give tax cuts to the wealthy when he’s in power. Who held open a Supreme Court seat for over a year simply to ensure another ultra-right-wing justice would sit on the Court for decades to come.

Mitch McConnell is a stain on our country and on our democracy who has allowed this president to go unchecked, politicized our independent judiciary, and done nothing but put corporate and wealthy interests first.

And Rachel Maddow is right: She’s not the only one asking questions about this. House Democrats have requested a federal investigation into the matter, saying they have “serious questions of national security.”

But enough is enough. For too long, McConnell has wielded unfettered power and used it to put personal gain and partisan politics before country. But in 2020, Mitch is up for re-election, and we are determined to hold him accountable, and send him packing.

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