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17 Replies to “Comments”

  1. I like what you’re doing. Negative ads work. Your site is a bit long but I learned how Moscow Mitch operates. I’m from CA & can’t stand the guy. KYians better vote him OUT this time! I’m giving the biggest donation I can right now. Will definitely give again. Good luck!

  2. I really learned hor bad he is. I’m giving a recurring modest donation. Please don’t email me all the time wanting more or I’ll stop my donations.

  3. I’m from KY & I’ve been voting against him for all of my life. He just overwhelms the people running against him with negative, lying commercials. I hate it all you hear is his ads over and over! I will cheer when I hear yours! He’s wrong for KY, he’s wrong for America! I’ll be glad when he’s gone for good! I hope you get lots of donations from big corporations and groups like he does.

  4. I’m glad you’re not blowing the donation money on fancy things but your site needs help. It’s OK, I’m from NY and am sick of paying higher taxes from the “tax cut.” Make sure Trump goes to. They’re twins when it comes to destroying our country. You need to get your name out in the public. Maybe contact the news? Bye.

  5. Kevin from MD. I LOVE your images! They’re great. I read some will come back tomorrow to read more it’s very informative. Should tell people to comment first before they donate so you don’t have to come back. Just an idea. Will make a donation every payday. Keep up the hard work! Take care, everyone!

  6. Hi! I’m leaving a comment first & then going to make $100 donation every month until I’m watching the news election night next November & they say “Breaking news just in…Mitch McConnell has been defeated”! It’ll be the least I can do. Shout out to your volunteers I was totally entertained. Especially him in pink, frilly panties! He’s a power freak! Thanks! Have a good weekend.

  7. Mike from Lexington, KY! Go CATS! Donating recurring so I don’t have to remember to make a donation every month. I’m waiting for Matt Jones to enter the primary race. He would get the most votes against Mitch! I like your site maybe some more colored elements. You need to get it out in the public arena. Set up a Twitter Acct. I did post it to Twitter and FB after I made my donation. Hope it helps!

  8. Kirsten from Sparta, KY. Saw your posting on FB and donated. Came to see your site. Moscow Mitch is worse than I knew. Well, thanks for the information. I like the site. I’ll donate again when I get paid. Take care. Keep up the ads on FB!

  9. Jim Stone, Frederick, MD! Man, McConnell & his wife are unbelievable! No wonder our country is so screwed up! ALL of this needs to be exposed. Good job. I like the site.

  10. Dean Russell, Maryland. I read the Rolling Stone article and McConnell’s been corrupt since he was in high school. He is a manipulator and liar. I made a contribution and hope you get many ads on the air so KY voters can learn the truth about how corrupt he really is and vote the SOB out! I don’t want him controlling congress & my Senators anymore. KY get him out!!!

  11. I just heard McConnells name on the news so I kept my PLEDGE and came and donated another $1. The next time I hear it I’ll be back to make my pledge payment. Good thing football’s here so I don’t watch CNN all day. I want him to see the ads against him all day, every day so he has a NIGHTMARE every night!

  12. It took me 3 nights to read all the information but I’m glad I did. I will vote for anyone but him next year. I hate to admit I’ve always voted for him (now I know it was him) because his challenger always seemed so sleazy that McConnell was at least experienced. I never knew how truly corrupt and morally bankrupt he is. Elaine may take him down now, too. I made a good recurring donation and accepted the pledge so I will definitely be back! Thanks for all the good information and personally I believe the eyewitness & think he’s gay!

  13. McConnell will dismiss the Impeachment trial immediately after he starts it. It’s for his obstruction and abuse of power I’m generously giving to your PAC. You need to flood the KY airwaves with these facts. KY MUST vote him out. He doesn’t care about them nor America. I urge people from across America to join this only sure-fire way to keep McConnell from being reelected! Please give ALL you can. Our democracy is at stake. I also took the pledge. It will all be worth it.

  14. McConnell raising money saying he’s going to stop impeachment! He’s a MF! Only cares about money. He has no principles, he’d do anything if you’d pay him enough! I want nothing to do with him. I’m gonna give you as much as I can every month to STOP him! I can’t wait until he’s defeated! Good luck!

  15. Mitch McConnell is an a**hole! Kentucky better not vote him back in this time. I have been so mad every time they have. His blatant corruption over Merrick Garland should have them knowing he is a lying piece of sh*t!

  16. Caroline – Los Altos Hills, CA
    I just gave a generous donation recurring monthly. Educate the Kentucky people! What’s wrong with them? There’s no way Mitch the “Turtle Man” should get reelected. I will support whoever wins the KY Democratic primary in May and becomes his opponent. I love the website, I learned more than I could have ever imagined. You don’t need to pay anyone to do it better. I made “Mitch’s Pledge” and will be back probably every day!

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